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7v7 dynamic action moba

let the battle of revolution begin! 

from third-person shooter role to attack away from the battlefield to hyper furry assassin role of slaying every enemy on your sight, generex got you covered in every role you want to play that's fit your play style.

Build Anything you want!

During the heavy farming process in the realm of syrex, try to collect some wood and stone in the process and build anything you want on the battlefield that suits your style in any situation to slay your enemy.

Time to switch!

Switch your Turret in any way that suits the situation that can help either stack up the minion for jackpot the golds or clear the minion wave to push the enemies tower, the choice is yours!

Take Out those guns

Enemy does too much damage when nearby?  Get your gun shoot from far away with weapons and strategize with their own built-in custom abilities!

Show off your crazy movements!

Dive in the world of movement based mechanics in MOBA to dodge enemy attack and get on top of building waiting to strike enemies out of there sight!

Take a drive!

Teammates are far away from the battlefield? Summon a car and drive to help your teammates!

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