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7v7 dynamic action moba


about generex

7v7 Dynamite Action MOBA title developed by ex-hysteria that each character has 6 different abilities and storylines each of the character’s storylines connected together into the Cosmo Vertexera, the universe of Generex. Each of the character's gameplay and mechanics Are very different which gives a different experience during the gameplay. This is the battle of revolution of merging the broken universe that was once. Now the Gerixes of Syrina and Revera must fight each other in a war for destroying the Delta Core in order to take Cosmo Vertexera back but all of their enemy souls must be taken in order for the Syrex tree to be destroyed and give up its power to merge Syrina and Revera back into Cosmo Vertexera.

Cosmo Vertexera

The battleground of revolution. push the turret, craft your creation, sneak in through teleport, or start the war! Be sure to get your enemy delta core to be destroyed! 


Let The Battle Of Revolution Begin!

Start The Blast!

Let's break the boundaries. Skill up, get your gear, and Ffght! Explore the split world, fight against alternate egos in an unpredictable movement, what skills and strategies the enemy is hiding. Move turrets and change the battleground to collect Desera Spinal to change the turret fate, hiding to ambush or stay on top of the tower and prepare to strike!


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